Hey sis, you’re looking really great today…
Come on stop
What’s wrong? I thought you liked what happened the other night?
It was fun, but I think we were both in a bad place..
So you’re saying it was a mistake?
No… But I think it was inapropriate and we probably shouldn’t do it again.
It’s not like we’ll get caught! You know, you came onto me first, right?
Can we just drop it?
When my step-sister needs a shoulder to cry on and a dick to fill her up, I’m there for her. But now that I want more of what she gave me, it’s not ok. She can’t just tease me with that perfect body and not expect me to get what I want… So I sneak into her room and take what is mine. If she thinks that she can use my cock whenever she wants, then I get to use her holes whenever I want! Watch me cover my sisters pink pussy in my semen and promise she won’t tell anyone about this!